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Trouble Shooting

The following lists common issues related to the iSymphonic Orchestra app, their cause and how to resolve them.

MIDI Device Issues

For general problems with external MIDI equipment like MIDI keyboards, cables and adapters, please refer to trouble shooting MIDI device connections.

MIDI App Configuration Issues

Additionally to those common MIDI hardware issues mentioned above, the following MIDI related software configuration issues may be encountered with iSymphonic Orchestra:

Problem Cause Solution
The iSymphonic App is not reacting on my external MIDI keyboard, my keyboard works with other apps though. The respective sound part (sound generator) of the iSymphonic App is currently configured to listen to another MIDI channel than your MIDI keyboard is currently sending on.
  1. Make sure you read the section about the multi-part feature of iSymphonic Orchestra.
  2. Use our free MIDI monitor app MIDI Wrench to check on which MIDI channel(s) your keyboard is currently sending note events on.
  3. Change the MIDI channel at your MIDI keyboard to the one assigned to your part, or change the MIDI channel of your part in iSymphonic Orchestra to the MIDI channel of your keyboard.
The iSymphonic App is playing another sound than selected by me with the app.
[ see above ]
[ see above ]
The iSymphonic App is not just playing the sound selected by me, it is also playing some kind of undesired other sound(s). Your external MIDI keyboard is currently configured to send on multiple MIDI channels simultaniously, which triggers notes on other sound part(s) of iSymphonic as well. Reconfigure your external MIDI keyboard so it only sends on the MIDI channel of the iSymphonic part you want to play with.
[ see above ]
Other iSymphonic part(s) are currently configured to listen to the same MIDI channel. Check all 16 parts of the iSymphonic app and make sure only the part you really want to play with is configured to listen to the MIDI channel your external MIDI keyboard is sending on. All other parts should be configured to listen to another MIDI channel. You may even disable the other parts by turning down their respective volume knob to zero.
The latency displayed on top of the iSymphonic App screen is higher than the latency configured by me on the settings screen. This is usually an indication that your system is currently overloaded. The latency displayed on top of the iSymphonic screen is the real one measured always in real-time. Please read the section about Latency Configuration and stop other apps from running in background.

In-App Purchase Issues

There are additional sound sets available as optional in-app purchases, the following are common issues regarding download of those sound sets:

Problem Cause Solution
I purchased additional sound set(s), but it fails to download with error message "Aborted". You tapped on the semi-translucent sound picture after the sound set started to download, which is intentionally causing to abort the respective download upon user request. Avoid tapping on the semi-translucent sound picture once its download started. If you did so accidently, tap again to restart the download.
[ see above ]
You pressed the home button of your device and brought the app into the background, which caused the download to abort. Usually our apps are designed to also download initiated downloads while the app is in the background, however under certain conditions this does not work. So it is recommended to keep the app in foreground until the respective download completed successfully.
I purchased additional sound set(s), but its download hangs forever with message "Waiting...". Another sound set is currently downloading for you and there is always just one download active of a user at a time. All your other sound sets are waiting until the respective other sound set(s) downloaded completely. There is no user action required. Once the currently active sound set downloaded completely, another sound set pending in "Waiting..." state will automatically start to download one by one.
[ see above ]
The download server is preparing your sound set, which can take up to several minutes depending on how many users are currently downloading. There is no user action required. Once the download server prepared the sound set for you, the sound set will automatically start to download.

What Next?

This is the end of the iSymphonic Orchestra user manual. In case you still have open questions not being answered by this user manual, then please contact us.

Document Updated:  2019-04-30