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iSymphonic Orchestra

This is the user manual of iSymphonic Orchestra. For general product information and features please refer to the iSymphonic Product Website instead.

The iSymphonic Orchestra App offers you a large set of high quality orchestra sounds for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. String and wind ensembles, small and large orchestras, baroque ensembles, chamber music groups, choirs, drums and much more offer a basis for a wide range of musical genres.

This user manual has not been updated for iSymphonic 2.0 yet. Please refer to the iSymphonic 2.0 Release Notes in the meantime.

Ergonomic by Design

Even though iSymphonic Orchestra allows configuring various aspects, there is usually no configuration whatsoever required though to use and play it immediately. This app was designed as very intuitive iOS app. Simply connect your external MIDI keyboard with your iPad / iPhone / iPod touch and enjoy playing world-class orchestra sounds.

Structure of this Manual

  1. Getting Started
    1. Getting Started
    2. Launching the App
    3. Multi Parts / Pages
    4. Input MIDI Channel
    5. Select a Sound
    6. On-Screen Keyboard
    7. Change Volume
    8. Reverb Effect
  2. Advanced Usage
    1. Advanced Usage
    2. External MIDI Devices
    3. Velocity Response Curve
    4. Hermode Tuning
    5. Polyphony
    6. Latency
    7. Run App in Background
    8. Built-in MIDI Recorder
  3. Inter-App Audio
    1. Inter-App Audio
    2. IAA with Garage Band
  4. Audiobus
    1. Audiobus
    2. Launching iSymphonic with Audiobus
  5. Trouble Shooting
    1. Trouble Shooting
    2. MIDI Device Issues
    3. MIDI App Configuration Issues
    4. In-App Purchase Issues
    5. What Next?

Document Updated:  2017-10-02  |  Author:  Werner Mohrlok