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The iSymphonic Orchestra App supports the Audiobus system to stream audio between other iOS audio apps. Audiobus is a commercial third-party app which allows to create various audio routing setups between apps that support the Audiobus technology.

In order to use Audiobus support, you first need to purchase and download the Audiobus app from the App Store. Audiobus requires at least iOS 7 or higher. This feature is not available for devices running an older version of iOS.

Launching iSymphonic with Audiobus

The following is just a short introduction how to launch iSymphonic Orchestra with the Audiobus app. For more detailed information about the Audiobus app, its features and how to use them, please refer to the Audiobus manual or contact its manufacturer.

  1. Purchase and download the Audiobus app from the App Store.
  2. Launch the Audiobus app.
  3. Tap on the "+" button on the left to add a new "Input".

A vertical list appears with all Audiobus compatible apps installed on your iPad / iPhone which provide audio output ports for being used as Audiobus source.

  1. Select "iSymphonic Orchestra" from the list as new input for your Audiobus routing chain.

  1. Tap on the gray, large "iSymphonic Orchestra" icon on the left to launch the "iSymphonic Orchestra" app in Audiobus mode.
  2. Use the respective app icon, as shown on the picture below, to quickly switch between the iSymphonic Orchestra app and the Audiobus app.
  3. Setup your orchestra sounds with iSymphonic Orchestra.
  4. Add other apps to the routing chain of your Audiobus setup if required.

State Saving

iSymphonic supports Audiobus's state saving feature. That means you can conveniently save and restore your entire Audiobus setup, along with all your settings (of all 16 parts) in the iSymphonic app, as preset in the Audiobus app.

Document Updated:  2019-04-30