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Usage with 3rd Party Apps

To unleash the full potential of the iSymphonic sounds, you might want to use them in conjunction with other audio apps as well instead of just using the iSymphonic stand alone app on its own. The iSymphonic Orchestra app currently supports 3 technical standards for using the iSymphonic sounds together with third party apps of other vendors simultaniously which may support one of the following technical standards. For instance you might want to use a fully featured DAW app like Cubasis, or Apple's free DAW app GarageBand to create, record and mix your songs and just use the iSymphonic sounds directly within that third party DAW app.

Audio Unit plugin

The iSymphonic app ships with a so called Audio Unit plugin version of the iSymphonic sounds. This is currently the most popular solution for combining audio apps with each other. The biggest advantage of the Audio Unit plugin solution, and the reason why it is so popular, is that (unlike with the other solutions described next below) the sounds and user interface of the Audio Unit plugin will be available directly within the DAW app of your choice. So it is probably the most convenient way to use iSymphonic sounds with your favorite DAW app (or Audio Unit host app). Find out more ...

Inter-App Audio

With the so called Inter-App Audio solution you are connecting audio apps with each other. So iSymphonic is running as regular app and Inter-App Audio (IAA) establishes an audio connection and MIDI connection to the DAW app of your choice.

Biggest advantage of this solution is that you can leverage all features that you are used to from the iSymphonic stand alone app in conjunction with your favourite DAW app. Find out more ...


Similar to Inter-App Audio the so called Audiobus solution provides audio and MIDI connections between apps. You need to acquire the third party app Audiobus from the App Store for being able to use this solution. Additionally to its core functionality of providing connections, it also allows users to save and restore the setup of the individual apps being used, and depending on the Audiobus version and features you acquired you may setup several chains of app connections. Find out more ...

Document Updated:  2019-04-30