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Optional Sound Sets

iSymphonic Orchestra provides a total amount of up to 322 sounds. Many of these sounds are available as part of 15 optional sound sets which you may optionally purchase within the app. Each one of those sound sets contains distinct sounds. That means each sound is only contained in one specific sound set, so there are no duplicates.

Managing Sound Sets

Installing all iSymphonic sounds can take a large amount of your iPad / iPhone's SSD space, and since this may indeed be a problem especially for older iOS devices with limited SSD space, the iSymphonic app provides a dedicated sound sets screen where you can install and uninstall individual sound sets at any time. So if you are ever running out of SSD space on your iPad / iPhone and need to make space for some other purpose, e.g. for downloading another app, then you can also temporarily uninstall individual iSymphonic sound sets and eventually re-download the sound sets at any time later on.

You will never be charged twice for re-downloading the app or any of its sound sets (in-app purchases). Just make sure that you are logged in on your iOS device with the same Apple ID that you used before when you bought the app and sound sets for the first time, and the App Store will always detect that you bought the respective item before and will offer you the download for free instead.

Buying a Sound Set

To buy a sound set, first tap on the sound set's "Details ..." button. The selected sound set's preview screen appears, showing you a description as summary about what is contained in that sound sound, along with a demo video. Tap on the white play button to watch the demo video of the sound set.

If you want to buy the sound set, simply tap on its price. The App Store will now prompt you a dialog, asking you whether you really want to buy this item now. Confirm this question to complete your purchase. After tapping on the price, it may happen sometimes that the App Store may take a moment to respond. So after tapping on the price simply wait for a moment. You don't have to tap on the price again.

Finally the App Store will confirm your purchase and the sound set starts to download in the background. On the sound sets screen for instance you will now notice that the sound set's status changed from "Not installed." to "Downloading ...". And on the app's main screen you will now see a progress indicator and status message of the sound set currently being downloaded.

Uninstall Sound Sets

Like previously mentioned, you may re-install sound sets at any time without being charged again. And in case you need to free some SSD space on your device for other purposes, you can also uninstall individual sound sets at any time.

To uninstall a sound set, simply open the sound sets screen, like shown above, then tap on the respective sound set's "Uninstall" button to delete the sound set from your iPad / iPhone for now. The app will prompt you a dialog, asking you whether you really want to delete the sound set now. Confirm this question and the sound set will immediately be deleted.

The "Pro Sound Set" is an exception here. This particular sound set cannot be uninstalled, because its data is firmly combined with the base app's sound data.

Restoring Sound Sets

There are two ways to re-install sound sets that you have purchased before. You may either ask the app to automatically restore all sound sets that you may have purchased before, or you might rather want to just restore only specific individual sound sets instead.

It may happen that the App Store first asks you whether you really want to "buy" this item now at this point, even though you already own the sound set. Don't get confused about this. As soon as you confirmed the question the App Store will immediately detect that you already own the item and will offer you the download for free instead. Like previously mentioned, you will never be charged twice for any sound set that you bought before.

Download Progress

Since the individual sound sets can be quite big, often being at least several hundred MB or even far more than 1 GB, there are additional ways to control the status of sound sets currently being downloaded.

Progress Bar

While your sound set is downloading, you see a progress bar on the app's main screen and a status message. As some of the downloads may take a while to complete, there is also an animated green arrow, next to the progress bar, which symbolizes incoming data packets from the Internet in real-time. This makes it easy to recognize whether a download is actually still active or whether there are sometimes interruptions concerning the incoming download data stream.

So as long as you see the green animated arrow, everything is Ok, the download is active and the sound set is automatically installed once the download completed.

If you no longer see the animated green arrow for a long time (i.e. more than several minutes), then please check your Internet connectivity. The app is designed to automatically resume an interrupted download without any user intervention. So once the Internet connection became available again, the download will automatically resume at its last position.

Pausing Download

You may also pause an active download, e.g. when you got to leave the house and have a cellular access which charges you based on the data volume you consume. In this case simply tap on the download progress bar shown above. A dialog appears asking you whether you really want to pause the download now. Confirm this question to pause the download.

Once you are back at home, or another place with WLAN connection, you can easily resume the download by tapping again on the download progress bar and the download will immediately resume at the position where it stopped.

Automatic Resume

Like previously mentioned, the app automatically handles resuming interrupted downloads without any user intervention required. Especially cell phone based Internet connections tend to interrupt frequently, so this is a normal circumstance the app automatically deals with on its own. There is no need to sit and wait in front of your iPad or iPhone for your download to complete.

Document Updated:  2021-02-04